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I'm a Modern Girl

but I fold in half so easily

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Parents should be certified before they are allowed to have children.
Rachael and I were in the subway station today, I was going with her to a dentist appointment. A woman with a child who couldn't have been more than 3 years old approached us and said something about needing to catch the two women on the other end of the platform and could we watch her son and she's not going to abandon him. We were so flustered and she just placed his hand in Rachael's and started walking away. Now you'd think that if she was in such a rush to get these women that she would leave her son with complete strangers that she would run or shout after them, but none of that happened! She just walked in their direction without even looking back, up the stairs and out of sight.

I took the little boys other hand and Rachael and I just stood there completely stunned, speechless. I mean what do you do, we were like... um, are we Moms now? So after about half a minute I picked the little boy up, hoisted him onto my hip and we quickly headed in the direction that the woman went in not knowing if she'd ever be back. Luckily she did come back and took the boy with barely an "oh thanks".

What if our train had come? What if we were psychopaths? What if she just never came back?!

Holy shit, that was so freaking weird and that poor boy, thats probably traumatizing.

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All I can think is, she's probably done that before—and will do it again.

Edited at 2011-03-10 06:30 pm (UTC)

nope, just a normal, terrible parent.

There have totally been times when I've seen an adorable kid and hoped that the parent would be all, "hey, do you mind holding him/her for a minute?" but that has always just been goofy wishful thinking from a baby-crazy mind.

The thought that someone would ever actually do something like that is pretty damn terrifying.

wow, this is really an amazing story. just another sad example of the lack of parenting. gah.

(sorry just saw you in AMA and was bored in the middle of the night.)

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