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I'm a Modern Girl

but I fold in half so easily

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pretty sure I lost weight this tour

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Is that a good or bad thing?

Good/indifferent. Better than gaining. I try not to pay attention to weight fluctuation and try not to weigh myself so I'm basing this guess on how my clothes are fitting recently

That's true. And you're smarter than I am.

Cause I concern myself with the numbers too often. I've been better at not looking lately though.

well a lot of my not looking has to do with the fact that I don't have a scale handy. When I'm at my Moms where there is a scale in the bathroom I weigh myself every time I go in. I'll weigh myself before and after a big poop. Before a shower and after to see if the water makes a difference. :)

Haha, I've been known to do that myself

That's got to be awesome. I'd imagine your eating habits can't be the greatest while on the road.

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